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July 24, 9:00am • Live Stream • part of a series on Underdog

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What’s your creative dream? Is it starting your own business under the mentorship and support of world-class educators and Stanford faculty? Well you’re in luck! Our event partner Creative Startups has an amazing program to do exactly that.

As a creative industry accelerator, they’ve boosted the potential for over 40 startups since 2014 through a rigorous startup bootcamp. Apply now for a chance to snag one of the coveted spots for this year’s creative class—we’re talking access to investors, a pitch competition for a chance to win part of a pool of $50k in funds!

You’ve got until July 9th, so hop to it! Head to to apply today.


Ahoy Atlanta! We’ve got a special treat in store for ye attendees. Snag one of these fair works o’ art at argh event next week, created especially by @barryleeart and @baronpress for CreativeMornings.

What’s in your creative survival kit? Barry’s essentials include his inspirations, the tools of his trade, and those super helpful things to help him see and hear perfectly. We’d love to see what’s in yours! Share with the hashtag #cmsurvivalkit for a chance to be featured. 📷:  by Jason Travis, part of his Persona series.

Happy Monday, CreativeMornings/Atlanta fam! We’re just one week away from our favorite kind of Monday: ticket day.