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Wanona Satcher

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April 26, 8:30am • Turner Studios • part of a series on Inclusive

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This month, the Historic Oakland Cemetery will hold space for us to gather as we explore the topic of COMMUNITY & the unconventional ways it manifests. If you’ve yet to spend some time at this Atlanta memorial park, they offer a variety of thematic tours and events! Click here and plan your first autumn activity of the season. 

See you there on Friday, August 24! 

We’re so excited to announce that we’re partnering with MailChimp to offer Study Hall, a community-fueled monthly workshop series about marketing, building your brand, and getting the most out of MailChimp.

We’ve got two events you can attend coming up, both hosted at MailChimp:

This training will be led by Jocelyn Hardy.

This workshop will teach you the ins and outs of how to create and use Facebook ads to benefit your business. If you’re new to MailChimp, or you consider yourself a pro, sign up. Everyone is welcome.

To kick off our 2018 events, Amena Brown will be taking the stage, speaking on that hairy topic of ANXIETY.

Amena is a poet, performer, author and changemaker in Atlanta, specializing in spoken word. In her own craft she’s uncovered how past hurts and failures can color the messages you might relay most to yourself. We’re looking forward to her take on this month’s theme and hearing more about her story of self-acceptance.

“You lose the ‘self,’ the inner critic when in flow state. Work masterfully, keep challenged, and that part of your brain will be quieted.” — Chris Wood, Mystery

“Everyday we meet failure. It’s an opportunity for improvement.” — Sid Mashburn, Moments

“There is a time to call it quits, but you guys, this is not it.” — Brett Trapp, Taboo

“My mindset changed from 'Why me?’ to 'Who can this help?’” — Kate Atwood, Beyond

“I decided to fill my soul vs. my bank account.” — William Massey, Serendipity

“Just because I’m different from you doesn’t mean I owe you an explanation for my difference.” — Barry Lee, Survival

“If we’re gonna be serious about this equality thing, not everyone’s gonna like it.” — Cristen Conger, Equality

“Imagination is not for the fainthearted.” — Susan Booth, Genius

“Compassion cannot happen in a vacuum. You need to feel with people, not at them.” — Kitti Murray, Compassion

“Faith is like a door, deep down inside you, that you have to open.” — Kevin Gillespie, Pioneer

Are you coming to our event on Friday? DON’T FORGET TO BRING A BLANKET! We will be outdoors on the grass at Historic Oakland Cemetery, and you MUST bring your own blanket to have a place to sit.

Please bring one (or several!) you no longer need—
Love Beyond Walls will be collecting them for those without during the cold months.

Do you know somebody whose work is steeped in compassion? We’re giving our audience a chance to give us a quick rundown of their (com)passion project on stage this month. Fill out this form for a chance to be featured:

Photo by Connor Dwyer