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June 28, 8:00am • CHAIRS™ • part of a series on Wonder

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Creative Mornings//Auckland with Tanja Jade a.k.a. Misery. 
Friday 18th October, 8:00am-9:30am
The Biz Dojo

“Play” is this month’s global theme, and it’s a pretty special one for us as it was chosen by Jade & the team here at Creative Mornings//Auckland. That means that “Play” is the theme not just for us, but for every CM event around the world during October. In light of this, we are incredibly excited to have Tanja Jade a.k.a. Misery speaking.  Her work and art embody the spirit of play, so she’s a perfect fit for this month’s theme.

Renowned worldwide for her graffiti street art and fashion label, Misery has representation with New Zealand’s premiere art auction house Webbs and has held international exhibitions in Berlin, Taiwan, Melbourne, Paris and Los Angeles. Misery’s recognition has attracted endless media attention, including a half hour award winning documentary produced by Sticky Pictures. Some recent Misery collaborations include: Bitra, Anna Sui, Casio Baby-G, Telecom, Serato and Piaggio.

Read more about Misery and Creative Mornings, and register for the event here.

Rockstar farmer and head of The Big Idea Trust and The ART Venture Initiative Elisabeth Vaneveld tackled the theme of Connect at the September installment of CreativeMornings Auckland. Describing herself as an “artist of the invisible” Elisabeth mused on the need to connect your passion to your ideas, and challenge the conventional.

The morning was hosted at the brand spanking new HQ of the Curative Crew, and proudly brought to you by Curative and Gather & Hunt, with refreshments generously provided by Coffee Supreme and Antipodes. Chur!

And thanks to Kaan Hiini for taking the photos - Check out the full set here: CreativeMornings /AKL Elisabeth Vaneveld »

In July 2013 the best dressed man in Auckland, Nat Cheshire from Cheshire Arctitects, talked about the crusade to revitalise Auckland’s CBD, particularly the Britomart precinct and their latest addition to it, Milse, creating a space in which the future of the city could be defined.

Part of a global series on the topic of ‘Space’, you can check it out above or on the brand new sparkly

CreativeMornings /Auckland with Elizabeth Vaneveld
Friday 27 September, 8:00am - 9:30am
Curative HQ

This month, CreativeMornings is all about Connect, with speakers covering a wide breadth of topics, ranging from capitalistic communism, Synapses and Synecdoches, to a system of electronic modules that snap together for prototyping and play. 

Here in Auckland, we’ll be enjoying the tales of Elizabeth Vaneveld, Director of The Big Idea, New Zealand’s largest on-line community in the creative sector, and leader of ART Venture, a year long development that connects creative entrepreneurs to business, education and investment backers. We think she’s perfect for this month’s Global Theme. 

Also perfectly matched to “Connect" is our new global website, which connects the various CM attendees around the world to a huge and easily accessible archive of previous talks.

The new website makes the registration process for a CreativeMorning event much easier too! 

All you need to do is create a personal profile here, then, when tickets go live on Monday 23 September at 11am, you can register with one click on the event page! Easy as pie! 

We’re sure you’ll love exploring the new site, and finding out more about the global CreativeMornings community. Tell us what you think about it when we see you next Friday!

Read more about the speaker, grab event details and register here »

It’s The Future Already… All Ready 

Survive & Thrive is New Zealand’s smart-thinking event for artists, creators, innovators, and anyone keen to use design and arts-led practice to build resilience in their career, business or organisation.

Survive & Thrive believes that it’s up to us to take charge of the disruption and fast-paced change living in the ‘future now’ brings and our line-up of local and international speakers will explore just that. 

This year, Survive & Thrive runs for TWO days and will be held on 13-14 September, at Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT) Sir Paul Reeves Building. A rich mix of inspiring world-class speakers, practical workshops, networking, one-on-one mentoring, and independent sessions led by sector organisations, makes this THE unmissable professional and enterprise development event of 2013.

Since we’re buddies with the wonderful folk behind Survive & Thrive, they’ve given us a special offer to share with our friends and followers! Discounted tickets! Who doesn’t like a discount 

All you have to do is enter the promo codes below on their Eventbrite site:

One day ticket, (Friday) usually $90, but for ya’ll $75 - promo code = ASSOC131Two Day ticket (Friday & Saturday) usually $120, but for ya’ll $105 - promo code = ASSOC132

Survive & ThriveFriday 13 & Saturday 14 September 2013 | Auckland University of Technology


The New

It’s been a little over a year since our Kickstarter when we were humbled by the response from our 1200 backers. Today, we’re launching our new site.

We couldn’t have done it without you, our community, and are now excited to share with you this new home for the CreativeMornings world. Now at nearly sixty chapters featuring speakers from Milton Glaser and Seth Godin to Jessica Hische and Erik Spiekermann, we never could have imagined what CreativeMornings has become.

Built by Brooklyn-based Oak Studios and—in true CM spirit—translated by chapter organizers, the new website features:

  • A full, searchable, sortable archive of every CreativeMornings talk
  • Dedicated chapter sections to stay up to date with your local event
  • The ability to live tag quotes from a video, post comments, save talks to watch later and ♥ favorite videos
  • A “People” section filled with attendee profiles from around the world Translated versions of the site in ten languages!

Photographer, activist, and urbanist Patrick Reynolds treated our earlybirds to a passionate talk about “Unf**king Auckland”, and the transport revolution the city is currently experiencing. It was a fascinating talk filled with stirring facts and figures, as well a whistlestop tour through Reynolds diverse career.

The morning was hosted by the fabulous folk at Generatorand proudly brought to you by Curative and Gather & Hunt, with coffee and water generously provided by Coffee Supreme, Antipodes. Thank you!

And thanks to Aria Taylor and Kaan Hiini for taking the photos - Check out the full set here: CreativeMornings /AKL with Patrick Reynolds »

At antipodes we believe the heroes of the table should be the food and fine wine so we chose a water source that has a mineral fingerprint subtle enough to refresh but not alter the palate. 

We designed a bottle that would sit quietly on the table complementing the dining experience without interfering with the atmosphere of the evening and the design of the decor.  

The water source at antipodes is so clean (it’s rainfall from up to 300 years ago!) we are able to bottle it without using any treatments to stabilise or filter it. 

All of this combined with our methods of bottling, packaging, recycling, wetland planting and delivery means the entire antipodes process is completely carbon neutral achieving carboNZero certification.

Antipodes is very proud to support Creative Mornings NZ because everything we do in life requires a creative mind. 

Read all about us here »

CreativeMornings /Auckland with Patrick Reynolds
Friday 30 August, 8:00am - 9:30am

With the CreativeMornings team temporarily warming its cockles in the Britomart precinct, this month’s Creative Mornings theme couldn’t fit us any better. It’s Urbanism, and it’s set to give a unique glimpse into all aspects of how we interact with our built environment. As such, we are thrilled to introduce New Zealand’s foremost photographer of architecture – Patrick Reynolds.

Patrick is probably best known for his exceptional architectural and interior photographs that appear in publications such as Urbis and Vogue Living. However over the past 20 years he has developed a highly successful parallel career as a leading photographer within New Zealand contemporary visual arts, with a particular interest in photographing both the built and the unbuilt environment.

From collecting a city’s stories to building collaborative ecosystems, talks from this month will make you think hard about the city you inhabit and the role you play.

Read more about the speakers, event details and register here »


August’s Global Theme is “Urbanism”

Last month, 55 CreativeMornings chapters came together for a global conversation around the topic of “Space.” This August, we’re excited to announce our next theme: “Urbanism.” The theme was chosen by our Stockholm organizer Richard Feigin and skilled Stockholm-based illustrator Marcus Gunnar Pettersson created our monthly illustration.

Speakers are delving into all aspects of urbanism and how we interact with our built environment: such as George and Sarah Aye of Greater Good Studio, who use design to solve social problems (Chicago), to Adam Gebrián, well-known “architect who never built anything” (Prague). From collecting a city’s stories to building collaborative ecosystems, talks from this month will make you think hard about the city you inhabit and the role you play.

To find an August event near you, check out, or follow your local chapter on Twitter. As always, tickets are free and available starting the Monday before the talk.

We’ll see you there!