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Cultivate Your Self-Love

At CreativeMornings, we know that a creative life requires bravery, action, and lots self-love. Self-love allows us to be kind to ourselves even when we miss the mark. Kamal Ravikant beautifully wrote in his book, Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It, “If I loved myself, truly and deeply, what would I do?“

We gathered eight talks on practicing self-love. In these stories, our speakers talk about why it’s important to learn to love even the smallest of flaws that make up who we are.

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(From the archives of the CreativeMornings Blog.)


A trick for making decisions.

Tired of feeds? Discover new blogs and content.

Vintage cameras dissected with a saw.

Lots of celebrity butts sat in this chair.

A free project/task legend you can duplicate.

You won’t regret making early resolutions (before 2020).

Astro & The Universe: Cool, neon space art.

Photographs of jumpers blending into their surroundings.

Use Chrome? A minimalistic clock extension that opens with new tabs.

An Instagram account that helps you discover your new favorite cheese.

Artists share their advice on preventing burnout.

Small Smores are all-in-one tiny s’more kits.

How to find the fun in tedious tasks.



VOCAB is where art, activism and community meets. Based in Indianapolis, they specialize in creating spaces focused on centering the voice of the marginalized. Learn more.


lingkaran is an educational community designing non-formal learning experience focusing in personal development, creative skills, and entrepreneurship. Check out their latest project!


Food for the Hungry is hiring a Senior Graphic Designer in Phoenix.

Stay Nimble is hiring a Product Designer in London.

Ideas United is hiring a Marketing & Promotions Coordinator in Atlanta.

Netflix hiring a Senior Consumer Researcher in Mumbai.

Applecart is hiring a Senior UI/UX Designer in New York.

Wistia is hiring a Staff Accountant in Cambridge.

Artisan Talent is looking for a contract-based Strategic Market Director in Indianapolis.

Editor’s note:

This newsletter was made like s’mores. I sandwiched inspiring talks, toasted links, and s’more fun at the end.

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