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Thank you, CreativeMornings

Dear CM family,

After 2.5 years of being part of this remarkable community, I’ll be stepping down as Head of Content.

Being part of this global community changed my life. Through your work, you taught me about feeling seen and caring about a local community. I redefined my understanding of generosity and community—words that I didn’t give much thought about until being here. When I think about those two words, my mind immediately conjures all of the photos, videos, and stories that I’ve seen throughout the years—the endless mentions on Instagram and Twitter; the local press describing the event; and the talks that sent me down rabbit holes.

The Austin Summit in 2016 is what made me feel at home. It was also the first time that I hugged over 200 strangers in three days. I was shocked that people like you exist in the world and stunned at the possibilities when a local community comes together to fulfill a deep need for belonging, learning, and connection. In my work as a community builder before CM, one key realization for me, albeit sad, was that people were very lonely. And your work is the warm blanket that counters the cold chills of loneliness. Nowadays, it’s needed more than ever before.

I’ve grown exponentially in these years because of this incredible HQ team. My sense of self has expanded in every direction because I was learning vicariously from all of you. I think about the connections and friends I have in cities all around the world, and how lucky I am to be able to say that. I had the privilege of working on projects that I cared about and they were also enriching for the community. I developed new skills that changed the way I see the world and connect with people.

I am so happy and proud that Emerline will be taking over as Senior Manager, Brand Communications. You’ve seen her beautiful work for the NYC chapter, what she does with IG stories, and how she has taken over the NYC chapter’s content and made it 10x better. She’s got heart, good taste, and a love for this community. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with this next chapter of CreativeMornings.

As for me, I’ll be looking for some freelance work to get my feet on the ground, grow my photography slowly, and building The Observers into what it can be.

Whew… nearly three years ago, I didn’t want to move to Brooklyn, and almost didn’t take this role. Tina promised me that my life would change, that I needed to be here. That promise was fulfilled over and over again. I’ve met people that I deeply admire and had the honor of taking their portrait. I grew my network, expanded my worldview, and was in front of opportunities that pushed me to grow, and above all, to give back.

It was an honor to serve you, learn from you, and work with you. Please keep making a ruckus and empowering your local community. Your work and presence is desperately needed today and beyond. Thank you and please stay in touch.

A big bear hug from Brooklyn,

Paul Jun

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