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Real Thread at the Summit

All photos by Bekka Palmer.

When the good people at Real Thread first reached out to us and said they wanted to make something awesome, we knew that we were among like-minded folks. Avid attendees of our Orlando chapter, Real Thread has been a huge supporter of CreativeMornings, so when the first ever CreativeMornings Summit came up, we saw it as an opportunity to finally collaborate with the screenprinting shop.

15330863697_f3999da803_k Jordan, Nathan & Patrick from Real Thread.

Based in Florida, Real Thread takes screenprinting t-shirts and other apparel to the next level, adding an extra level of care and love into everything they do. They were easily our first choice for printing the 200 t-shirts for our attendees from around the globe.

For the Summit, we used their Next Level 6210 t-shirts in red, chosen for being color of our New York chapter, where the Summit was hosted. The ink was black water-based and white discharge—leaving them nice and soft. (To learn more about water based and discharge printing, read on here.) The boat illustration was made by talented Brooklyn-based attendee Adam J. Kurtz.


And as if Summit t-shirts weren’t enough, Jordan Schiller, Nathan Beam & Patrick Chin from the Real Thread team flew up to Brooklyn to help us kick off the Summit. They joined us for the opening reception, teaching attendees how to screenprint on 100 t-shirts (which featured a very cool design from the Orlando CreativeMornings chapter).

2014-10-24-RT-Reception Needless to say, attendees were pretty psyched.

15517452185_598c18def0_k Nathan and Jonathan, a member of our Vancouver chapter team.

We chatted with Nathan and the gentlemen of the Real Thread team who attended the Summit to find out more about their experience:

How did you first hear about CreativeMornings?

CreativeMornings first came into our scope a few years back. Being involved with the creative community in town, word spread fast about what Tina had started. An Orlando chapter formed fairly quickly and we loved what had started. CreativeMornings has been incredible for our city and continues to connect us with talented people in our community, cultivating creativity.

What’s you favorite CreativeMornings talk?

This question is unfair! Each of the crew at Real Thread has a favorite, but my personal favorite was Nathan Clark from Wondermade. Hearing about love, marshmallows and the growth of a company was fantastic. It was also a benefit to get some stellar marshmallows after that.

We also love to go back and see Dru (Real Thread’s CEO) talk at CreativeMornings. He was secretly nervous and we absolutely love it.

Why did you decide to partner with us on the Summit t-shirts?

We love all of the folks we get to work with, but we tend to get some of our best designed shirts from those connected to the CreativeMornings community. We figured, if we could work with the people at the central hub of that community, together, we would be able impact and empower more people through super soft shirts :)

After hearing about the Summit through some of the staff at CreativeMorning, the opportunity opened for all of us to make a shirt together. It turned out being one of our favorites yet (obviously).

What was your favorite part of this project?

Traveling to New York to live print shirts with the CreativeMorning Summit leaders. What a privilege to meet so many genuine, caring and talented folks! At the core, we exist to print shirts people love to wear and love to talk about. Seeing people come together around the shirts and live screen printing was incredible.

Also, the staff at CreativeMornings is unreal. They made us feel like family. We’re looking forward to our local CreativeMornings each month and can not wait for the Summit next year!

Check out a video the Real Thread team put together on the making of the Summit t-shirts below. And be sure to give them a hi-5 on Twitter and Instagram!

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