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October is Shock

If you ask someone to describe what ‘shock’ means to them, it’s likely you’ll hear words like violent, upsetting, instability. But CreativeMornings chapters are not ones to cozy up to negativity. Instead, they’re the ones flipping the idea of shock on its head — and improving their communities in the process.

Because shocks to the system do us good. They wake us up, they change the course of history, and they disrupt the norm. Unexpected moments open our minds to new ideas. Uncomfortable pieces of art challenge our perceptions of what we think is right.

This October, we’re celebrating Shock in 128 cities around the world. The theme was chosen by our Jeju chapter and illustrated by Yeji Yun, who also hails from South Korea.

Get ready to be rocked out of your comfort zone with speakers like:

  • Rashayla Marie Brown, a lifelong nomad who exploits the role of the artist as both an agent and an object of desire (Chicago)

  • Petra Zlatevska, a litigation lawyer turned writer and cross-cultural communication specialist (Berlin)

  • Adam Arnold, an independent fashion designer who has worked with the Oregon Ballet Theater and Schoolhouse Electric (Portland)

  • Lisa Sutcliffe, a curator at the Milwaukee Art Museum who, among other projects, organized an exhibit on postwar Japanese photography (Milwaukee)

Find an event near you and we’ll see you in the morning!

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