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November is Work

The CreativeMornings community is full of people and projects who are putting in the work—the good work, the hard work, the unpopular work—to improve their communities. Whether that work is done online, in collaboration, with partners, in solitude; with hands, love, sweat, or grit—we are celebrating the workers and the makers; the work and the creations.

This month’s theme was chosen by our Detroit chapter, illustrated by Detroit Wood Type Co., and presented in partnership with Squarespace. Coming off the heels of Squarespace’s newly launched Cover Pages, we want you to ease the workload of a deserving person or project in your community by designing a website for someone who needs it most. Get involved!

We can’t wait to hear about your work, your Cover Page, and your community at breakfast events with incredible speakers including:

  • Mac Premo, visual artist, commercial director & co-creator of The Bucket Board (New York City)

  • Gudy Herder, trend expert and mood-boarding expert extraordinaire (Barcelona)

  • Noah Scalin, artist and activist whose work explores the theme of transience (Richmond — their very first event!)

  • Ola Volo, an inventive illustrator who combines history, multiculturalism and folklore (Vancouver)

Find an event near you and we’ll see you in the morning!

Be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMwork and @creativemorning!

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