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November is Fantasy

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living,” said Dr. Seuss. “It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

The realm of fantasy is a space for us to imagine possibilities that seem beyond our reach. The bridge that connects the seemingly impossible with the possible is the greatest gift of our species: creativity. Together with Shutterstock , we’re exploring those possibilities by rallying the community to share fantasies and ideas for what it means to live #InACreativeWorld

The theme was chosen by our Lima chapter, presented globally by Shutterstock, and illustrated by Hayden Davis. This month with Shutterstock and in 157 cities around the world, we will delve into what it means to live #InACreativeWorld and how we can use creativity for the good of all. The most intriguing responses will then become illustrations that get featured here

Some upcoming talks on #CMfantasy:

  • Sasibai Kimis left a successful career in the finance industry to start the award-winning social enterprise and luxury craftsmanship brand Earth Heir in February 2013. (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Paola Mendez is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of South Florida Bloggers, and the kind spirit behind The Blogger Union. (Miami)
  • Johannes Ippen is a designer and author from Berlin. He is responsible for the Creative Services Team at Wooga, one of Europe’s leading games developers and creator of hit games such as Jelly Splash, Pearl’s Peril, and Diamond Dash. (Berlin)

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What’s your vision for #InACreativeWorld?

Together with Shutterstock, we’re rallying the community around fantasies of a world where creativity is infused for the good of all. The most intriguing responses to the hashtag #InACreativeWorld will turn into illustrative quotes and featured here.

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