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Meet Rescue Vessel

In this series of spotlights, we’re getting to know some of the heart-forward companies (and the humans behind them) that are members of the CreativeGuild, the company directory and job board for the creative world.

Rescue Vessel is a three-person design studio focused on helping brands make meaningful connections with the people who love them most.

From their studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn, surrounded by plants and the smell of freshly-brewed coffee, three friends Bobby, Dave, and Corbin are working to shape the stories of the brands you love.

Meet Rescue Vessel

Tell me about Rescue Vessel. What is the company’s origin story?

Quite literally the name comes from the idea of saving ourselves from paths laid out by others. We wanted to chart our own course. We chose to bet on ourselves and face the challenges of taking creative control of our lives. It’s a learning process, but we prefer to be at the wheel.

What are your company values, and how did you decide on them?

Collaboration, trust, and empathy. This was one of the first discussions we had as a company and we found that we were very much aligned. Trust is fundamental in building any relationship. When we trust each other and foster trust with our clients, it makes collaboration easier. We love working through ideas together and find that open and honest communication usually leads to better work. Lastly, we know the difficulties that come with starting and running a business. This allows us to better understand where our clients are coming from.

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Over the years as freelancers and now a studio, what have you learned about generating leads and building client relationships?

For us, it is and always has been about personal relationships and community. Everyone wants to work with people they know and like. When you care about someone else, you want to deliver for them that much more. As we’ve grown, our focus has shifted to include generating leads outside of our network. It’s difficult to foster new relationships out of thin air, so using resources like the CreativeGuild allows us to expand our community and has led to new, long-lasting client relationships.

You recently got a few gigs through the CreativeGuild. Can you tell me a bit about how those came about, and what the jobs were?

We did! We received a really thoughtful email from Micah, the founder and CEO of Marco last year. We immediately connected around our mutual love of travel, and we saw a lot of value in the app he was developing.

During our research phase, Micah provided us with some very valuable insight into the personality and mission behind his app. One part in particular stuck out and became a bit of a mantra for us — keep it fun, keep it simple.


The intention behind Marco is to bring delight to the experience of planning a trip. Whether adventuring with friends, organizing a work trip, or traveling with family, the process should not be as complicated and daunting as it so often is.

Our challenge was to translate that sentiment into a brand identity and visual system. 

From the very beginning we had a strong rapport with Micah. We were very much aligned, and this allowed us all to get a lot out of this project. Every time he pushed us on the design, it was always in a positive direction, and each new iteration brought us closer to the shared vision we had for the final product. For us, that was the most rewarding part — knowing that the relationship we were building with Micah was helping to elevate the quality of the work.

As long-time fans and supporters of CreativeMornings, we were thrilled to hear that he found us through the CreativeGuild. He has since referred us to several other people within his network, and we recently finished working on another travel app called Jetline. We really enjoyed both projects, and it’s great to know that they came through a community that we hold in such high regard.


What’s Rescue Vessel’s super power? What do you think is the special sauce you bring to the table?

We love a good sauce. Our special sauce is our ability to look at a problem from all angles. This creates the space for us to arrive at the best possible solution for our clients. We ask a lot of questions and we’re not afraid of having tough conversations if it will lead to a better final product.

You said on your CreativeGuild profile you know a lot about outer space. Care to elaborate?

Where to begin! We’ve been fascinated with space since we were little kids, and we have the stacks of books and old Halloween costumes to prove it. (It was Carl Sagan, not Ron Burgundy.) We’re a curious bunch, and the cosmos offers infinite avenues to explore and satisfy that curiosity. At this point in human history, we know more than ever about the universe and the more we learn, the more mysteries arise. As the one and only Carl Sagan said, “Somewhere, something great is waiting to be known.”

We feel very grateful for the lives we have, but it’s easy to get swept up in the current in NYC. Whenever we have the chance to leave the city, slow down, and look up on a clear night, we take it. It’s very humbling to be reminded that we’re walking around on a tiny rock, suspended in a gravitational field, somewhere on the outskirts of the result of an explosion that took place billions and billions of years ago. Even if time is a construct and the “present of the universe” doesn’t actually mean anything. Still humbling. Still awe-inspiring.

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What are your favorite kinds of projects to work on? Where do you see the future of collaboration and working with companies you love?

Our favorite kinds of projects bring design and motion graphics together to tell a story. When we’re able to help amplify the mission of a company we believe in, those are the dream projects for us. There’s a lot of noise out there nowadays, and we feel a responsibility for the work we put into the world. If the values of a client align with our personal values, we find it easy and rewarding to collaborate with them.

What’s coming up next in 2019 that you are most excited about?

Lots of stuff! We’re really excited to see some recent work finally live in the real world. We have a new reel, a new website, and some fun personal projects in the works. Work with new clients. Work with existing clients. Continued growth and continued learning. Always opening new doors and taking a look around.

Explore more of Rescue Vessels work on their CreativeGuild company page., where you can also see more of their creative process behind Marco and Jetline.

(Header photo: Paul Jun Photography)

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