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Meet Our Commitment Illustrator: Florine Glück

It has been a tradition at CreativeMornings to work with an artist in our community to create an illustration for the monthly theme.

The global theme for May is Commitment.

While the artwork speaks for itself, we wanted to get to know the artist on a personal level and introduce them to the creative community. We’re delighted to introduce you to…

Meet Florine Glück

Florine Glück is a German illustrator and designer based in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Since graduation at the State Academy of Arts and Design in Stuttgart, Germany in 2008, she illustrates for international clients, magazines and publishers and does illustration and design work for her own studio BueroApril.

As an illustrator, she likes to tell stories with her illustrations.

She concentrates on hand drawings and loves the combination of drawing and photography. Her work is repeatedly featured and awarded throughout Europe.

How did you get into illustration work?

I love to draw as long as I can remember. Next to screen-printing and organizing crazy big exhibition projects, illustration was my favorite thing to do in Art school.


At what point in your life did you realize that illustration was your calling?

I have been freelance working at great design studios in Vienna and New York for some years. They were all graphic design studios but they did a lot of design projects where illustration was involved — so I got to do a lot of illustration, which was really great.

And as much as I like doing Packaging, Corporate Design and Editorial Design – now that I am working in my own studio illustration is the thing I enjoy the most.


How has your work evolved over time and what were some influences that caused it?

My illustration changed a lot over time because I like to experiment and try new things. So it went from hand drawing to collages with old copperplate engravings to large scale 3D Fotoinstallations with cutout paintings and so on. The consistent thing in my work always was the line drawings.

I love that it is possible to tell stories, create and invent them just with simple lines. I very much like that you can observe with the pencil in your hand and that this is possible anywhere and anytime.


In your life/career, what does commitment mean to you?

I am very committed to my work but also very much to my family. Balancing these two is the hard work every day. I want to spend as much time as possible with my two little children and not miss a thing because I am working too much – but on the other hand I love my job too. It is even possible to say I don’t have hobbies because my job is my hobby and my hobby is my job. That’s sometimes a good thing and sometimes really bad.

If you have little children and a job you don’t need a hobby anyways. To make it all work, I pick the projects I am working on very carefully.


What advice would you give to fellow illustrators

Look for a client that fits your style or create a project yourself where you can explore that. And get involved into networking projects too!

For me both aspects came together at CreativeMornings Vienna three years ago.

To get in touch with other creatives and collaborate together Marie-Pascale, Thomas, and I invented the “CreativeMornings Magazine” and for two and a half years we published the monthly monothematic Magazine that was free of charge at every event in Vienna featuring people from the creative scene, giving background information about the speaker with an interview and providing the audience with inspiration in lettering, illustration, and literature based on the monthly themes. We had lots of great collaborators; for example the fantastic lettering and design studio Typejockeys.


We developed the Magazine with our brilliant host at that time: Lisa Langmantel, and luckily we found a printer – Remaprint Littera, Vienna – who supported and printed the magazine for all the years.


There also was a fantastic team of designers working together to run that project every month: Marie-Pascale Gafinen, Thomas Piribauer, Christina Hosina, Anna Wacholder, and Julia Weithaler – to mention some of them. Thank you guys! You are so great!!!!


Last year the CreativeMornings/Vienna Magazine got lots of publicity and was awarded with a distinction at the Joseph Binder Award for its illustrations.

Tell us something about yourself that we can’t find on Google.

I love sailing! That’s why I was very happy when the concept with the knots was chosen to be the Commitment illustration! Most of the knots I cannot only do with a pencil but by hand, too.

Discover more of Florine’s work on her website and Instagram.

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