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March is Taboo

Taboos are a social glue that makes life livable wherever we go.

We invent the reasonings that, over time, coalesce to create the societal fabric of norms, permissions, and prohibitions. Cutting in line or stealing from your neighbor is wrong, which makes a good status quo.

While many taboos keeps the world spinning, there are many rusty ones that are delaying it from evolving. And although we’re hardwired to stand before the edge of taboo, there are others who have gone over it.

This month’s global exploration of Taboo is presented by MailChimp. The theme was chosen by our Oslo chapter and illustrated by David Stenmarck.

Some upcoming talks on Taboo:

  • Jared David Paul studied visual arts at universities in Boulder, Beijing, Prague and Newcastle, Australia. Jared has exhibited his art in Denver, Chicago, Santa Fe, Los Angeles and The Smithsonian in Washington DC. (Denver)

  • Raneen Bukhari is the co-creator and curator of LOUDArt, a traveling exhibition on experimental art, and a co-founder of HunaArt, a platform for art education. (Jeddah)

  • Jane Claire Hervey runs the nonprofit and its festival, BABES FEST, while managing operations and marketing at In-House International. (Austin)

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