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March is Ink

Now in 106 cities and counting, we’re thrilled to kick off a month around the theme Ink, presented by Squarespace. The theme was chosen by our Melbourne chapter and illustrated by Gemma O’Brien.

This month promises to make an impression. From illustrators to tattoo artists, calligraphers to screen printers, we’re exploring the colorful fingerprints we leave on our work and the lingering traces ink leaves on our lives.

A few speakers include:

  • Toshiya Izumo, graphic designer and calligrapher (Berlin)
  • Elle Luna, artist and designer (San Francisco)
  • Andreas Schreiner, restauranteur (Miami)
  • Anibal Pantoja, one of Mexico’s most talented tattoo designers (Mexico City)

Tickets will be released the Monday before the talk, so set your alarms! We’ll see you in the morning.

Find a talk near you.

We’re honored to have Squarespace as our official partner this month. Squarespace gives everyone a platform to showcase their ink, ideas and more by making it easy to build a beautiful website. With their support, CreativeMornings can continue to host free events in cities around the world.

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