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March is Change

The world around us is always in flux. We, as individuals and as communities, affect how and why, as well as when and where, we push for change. As creatives and entrepreneurs, makers and doers — we have the chance to (re)shape and (re)define the world around us.

This month, 137 cities (give our newest chapters a virtual high-five!) will be exploring the shifting lenses and multifaceted theme of Change. It was chosen by our Barcelona chapter and illustrated by the Barcelona-based Victor Bregante. The conversations will be as interesting and complex as the topic itself.

Turn and face the strange at events with speakers including:

  • Jacqueline Novogratz, the founder & CEO of Acumen, an organization dedicated to changing how the world tackles poverty (New York City)
  • Mathew Chow, a design lead at IDEO who thinks about organizing for complexity and change (Vancouver)
  • Edreys Wajed, a high school art teacher who practices ‘multipotentialitism,’ a way to use constant change to fuel creativity (Buffalo, their first event!)
  • Elmar Mock, the co-creator of the Swatch watch whose philosophy of innovation has led to being an inventor in more than 150 patent families (Geneva)

Find an event near you! Chapters continue adding events on this page throughout the month, so we recommend signing up for your city’s local newsletter and following them on social media.

Follow this month’s conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMchange and @creativemorning!

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Cm avatar 2

Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.

Kristin Hicks • March 4, 2016
Cm avatar 2

I agree with Kristin, but it's not sometimes, but always. Everything depends on you. Just everything. Think about it and do what you want!

Byron Lawson • March 16, 2016
Cm avatar 2

I think every month is good for change, but only if this change is good! For example, I decided to quit smoking yesterday!

Noe Brunet • March 22, 2016
Cm avatar 2

Thanks to you and your article, I made some promises to myself. Let's hope I will keep be able to keep them! :)

Lily Philippe • March 25, 2016
Cm avatar 2

To prawda, że marzec to świetny czas. Nadchodzi słońce, energia do życia i to idealny moment żeby zmienić swoje życie!

Nicolas Novak • April 1, 2016
Cm avatar 3

This event could be really cool. I didn't know about you are such a big organization. See you in Barcelona.

Michael Scarborough • April 18, 2016