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Meet the Artists of the Month For #CMweird: Simone Noronha

Our global partner, Mailchimp, is taking over our newsletter for the August’s theme #CMweird.

We had the privilege of working with three talented artists whose work dances on the edges of weird. Their work plays with perception, widens our boundaries of what we consider normal, and allows us to explore the strange and the new.

Studying artwork provides a glimpse into the artist’s worldview, but it rarely paints a fuller understanding of what motivates their work. When things get weird, it’s helpful to get curious, which is why we interviewed them.

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Meet Simone Noronha

Simone Noronha is a designer, illustrator, and animator originally from Dubai, currently based in New York. Some of her clients include Google, New York Times, Pitchfork, Wall Street Journal, Adobe, Lucky Peach, TokyoBike, Los Angeles Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, ASPCA and Franklyn.

Here’s some artwork from the Weird campaign, as well as some personal pieces.






Connect with Simone on Instagram, Twitter, and website.

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