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littleBits Synth Kit

littleBits have joined up with Korg to create the Synth Kit, making it super easy for novices and experts alike to create music. If you’re not familiar with littleBits, they’re tiny circuit-boards with specific functions engineered to snap together with magnets.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 5.25.50 PM

Our fascination with them began the moment founder and CEO Ayah Bdeir took the stage at our September New York event where the theme was “Connect.” She’s an engineer, and one of the leaders of the Maker movement with a career and education centered on advancing open source hardware to make education and innovation more accessible to people around the world.



The Synth Kit looks like an awesome gift for kids and adults alike—connecting to speakers, computers, and headphones and allowing you to make your own instruments.

Watch her talk here and see the kit here.

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