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January's theme is Ugly

It may not be pretty, but you’ve got to start somewhere. We’re excited to kick off the New Year with a month around the theme “Ugly.” The theme was chosen by our Geneva organizer and we were lucky to have Matt Chase craft our witty illustration.

January is about embracing the ‘ugly’ beginnings of making any vision happen. As stated by past CreativeMornings/ Chicago speaker and brave soul Mig Reyes, this month is all about saying:

“I made this, and I was damn proud when I made this — I didn’t want it to be beautiful, I just wanted it to exist.”

Speakers around the world will dig into the power of ‘Ugly,’ from inciting creative rebellion to giving shape to our first fledgling ideas.

A few speakers include:

  • Joshua Davis (San Francisco), designer and programmer, on how he works through the “ugliness” to arrive at something beautiful
  • Scott Ludlam (Perth), Senator for Western Australia and possibly the Parliament’s first graphic designer
  • Giovanna Medina Carrasquel (Miami), founder and director of Uno a Uno Consultores, an urban planning agency rehabilitating urban blight
  • Henry Steinhau (Berlin), a music journalist investigating ugly album covers: “Intention, Accident, or just Bad Taste?”
  • Maria Pinto (Chicago), renowned fashion designer for Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and more

Put on your ugly hats and let’s get to it. Nab your tickets the Monday before the talk — we’ll see you bright and early!

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