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January's Theme is Childhood

Hooray! We are excited to kick off 2014 with the theme of “Childhood” brought to you by Squarespace. The theme was chosen by our Milan chapter and we were thrilled to have Ed Nacional create this month’s theme illustration.

The theme is presented by Squarespace, one of our Official Partners, who supports us and helps us keep CreativeMornings free and accessible to creative professionals in over sixty cities around the world. Thanks, Squarespace!

This month promises to get you in touch with your inner child. In Atlanta, Aretta Baumgartner and Patty Petri Dees of the Center for Puppetry Arts, founded by Jim Henson, will be speaking, while in Porto, Marta Madureira, a local illustrator, designer, author and co-owner of Tcharam, a publishing house for children’s literature will be taking the stage.

Co-owner of the Toonbox animation studio, Pavel Muntyan will be speaking in Moscow on what it takes to produce political and society critical animation films for grown-ups and children alike. From Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO of Tinybop Inc. (New York) to Justin Lyon, Executive Producer of Yo Gabba Gabba (Los Angeles), this month’s speakers will tackle everything from creating for children to finding your inner child to keep yourself creative.

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.
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