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The power of light on our sleep, focus, and wellbeing.

The #100Day Project is back for its 6th annual sprint.

A guide to bringing projects to life through creative collaboration.

How your attachment style affects your professional relationships.

Some creative advice for your younger self.

The truth about wasabi and the wasabi farmer.

How to reach out to someone who is struggling.

A helpful playbook for project managers with best practices.

Out of the Box is an ongoing animation and sounds series by CATK.

Lessons learned from writing 7,000 artist bios.

Self help is giving yourself permission to proceed.

A worksheet for designing great internships.

Here’s why you shouldn’t crush aluminum cans.

Cool Jobs to Apply For:

Skillshare is hiring a Senior Content Producer in New York.

thoughtbot is hiring a UX/UI Design Lead in London.

Pat Bates and Assoc. is hiring an Agent (remote friendly from UK, Far East, and Europe).

Kertis Creative is hiring a Design Director in Louisville.

KreativElement is hiring a Social Media & Design Specialist in Omaha.

Groupdesk is hiring for User Support to work in Toronto (remote friendly).

Farmers Communication Exchange is hiring a Social Media Coordinator in Sacramento. is hiring a contract-based Art Director (remote friendly).

Bloveit is hiring a part-time Editor & Content Specialist (remote friendly).

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