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Mean people fail.

How Nancy Lublin turned texting into a life-saving nonprofit.

A series of love letters from immigrants to America.

A montage of dance moments from over 300 films.

The entire history of Kickstarter projects, broken down by city.

SYPartners just launched their new podcast focused on designing for humanity.

The three levels of self-awareness.

Grace Bonney on why volunteering is important and powerful.

The neuroscience of joy, comfort, happiness, and bliss.

Adam J. Kurtz on perfection is a myth.

When it's good to be anti-social.

Why privacy matters even if ‘you have nothing to hide.’

How MailChimp encourages side hustles from their employees.

10 lessons learned from 10(ish) years of running a design firm.

Seth Godin’s new workbook will help you bring your idea to life.

Photo credit: Allison Tylek via CreativeMornings/Indianapolis

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