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February's Theme is Rebel

Get ready for a month of rebellion. We are excited to present the second theme for 2014, “Rebel” brought to you by Shutterstock. The theme was chosen by our Portland organizer Tsilli Pines and her team, and we were thrilled to have Adam Garcia as the month’s illustrator.

CM’s Official Partner for Visual Inspiration, Shutterstock, is a creative marketplace with over 30 million images, enabling photographers, illustrators and videographers to earn money by licensing their work to customers (over $150 million in royalties to artists to date!).

As a company that thrives on art, Shutterstock celebrates rebels who push the status quo, who support creative communities, and who raise the levels of beauty and happiness in the world. Speakers this month will look at what it means to be a rebel at the front of the line or even in your own day to day life. A few of this month’s speakers include:

  • Artur Wabik, artist, curator, columnist (Krakow)
  • Rodrigo Areias a rock videographer (Porto)
  • Andi Zeisler, Co-founder and Editorial/Creative Director of Bitch Media (Portland)
  • Cal McAllister, founder and Creative Director with Wexley School for Girls (Seattle)
  • Tony Calzaretta, Creative Director at Pandora Radio (Oakland)

In Shutterstock’s words: “Rebels think creatively. Rebels are fearless. Rebels force art and tech to advance forward. Rebels make the world a better place.”

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.
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