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February Is Ethics

We navigate the muddy waters of ethics every day. They’re present in everything from the values we define for our identities to how we interact with clients to the principals of engaging with other creative work on the internet. How have ethics, particularly in the creative world, evolved since their philosophical conception? Why do we create these codes of ethics in the first place? When should we examine what dictates our conscience? And what really makes up a solid, moral value system, anyway?

This month, 133 CreativeMornings chapters are exploring questions like these — and what their various and complex answers might be.

The theme was chosen by our Madrid chapter and illustrated by the Madrid-based CESS (César Cid). Gear up to have your perceptions challenged at events with speakers like:

  • Felecia Hatcher, a White House Award winning social entrepreneur and Founder of Code Fever and BlackTechWeek (Ft. Lauderdale)
  • Adam Fletcher, a comedy writer interested in how technology might be contributing to lower wages and temporary employment (Berlin)
  • Brandy Burdeniuk, a collaborator, teacher and troublemaker who works with her team to help get people excited about sustainable buildings (Edmonton)
  • Kylie Walters, a dancer, actress and choreographer curious about how we navigate ethical questions linked to cultural appropriation in an increasingly interconnected world (Geneva)

Find an event near you! Chapters continue adding events on this page throughout the month, so we recommend signing up for your city’s local newsletter and/or following your city’s chapter on Twitter for up-to-the-minute information.

Follow this month’s conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMethics and @creativemorning!

PS: curious about our values? Check out our manifesto!

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