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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Lost

Sometimes the most profound discoveries are uncovered when we are lost. Lack of a direction or certainty opens us up to new possibilities. Being lost provokes us to take unfamiliar paths or to create new ones. Nothing disrupts routine like being lost and routine is the enemy of ingenuity. As creative beings we need the stimulation of new perspectives and the unexpected to feed our curiosity. So next time you find yourself in an unfamiliar surroundings, before you panic, take a beat and let yourself wander, discover, and see where it takes you. Being lost is not directionless but often destination-less.

City to city every month a new chapter selects our collective theme. This month the theme was selected by our friends from the mighty Milwaukee chapter. Peppered through out the playlist you will hear sonic ambassadors from the Wisconsin city. From the quirky bounce of the Violent Femmes to emo pioneers Promise Ring to the ambitious ensemble Collections Of Colonies Of Bees these mid-western rockers are the cream of the crop. I tried to find something from The Frogs that was both relevant to the theme and reasonably appropriate for sensitive audiences, but failed on both counts — so that’s a path you will have to go down on your own.

A soundtrack for the searching, music for the missing, a playlist for the misplaced, this months theme is lost. Wayward and astray, let these songs be your guide, or just lose yourself in the sound. Enjoy tracks from DRAM, The Clash, Hall & Oates, Perfume Genius and Lauren Hill just to name a few. We will wander through the lost decades from 1920 to 2019. Are there any songs missing?

Thanks for listening and if you enjoy these playlists, please follow me on Spotify and give me a shout on Twitter or let me know if I have lost my touch:)

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