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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Flow

This month theme is flow. In the context of creativity, the first thing I think of when I hear flow is the mental space you get into when all distractions fade away and you’re able to glide effortlessly with your creations just pouring out of you, no friction or resistance, it almost seems magical. Athletes talk about this phenomenon as well. And certainly musicians have described the sensation were they almost separate from themselves and watch their performances from outside their body. Ironically attaining this enlightened effortless state requires significant focus and effort. It requires a mastery of skill where the basic actions become so deeply ingrained that they no longer require conscious thought. In the beginning it’s like riding a bike or ice skating, a fragile balance so delicate that even noticing it destabilizes the flow and like that it’s gone. These hints and glimpses are discouraging to most and motivating to a few. Those that persevere are rewarded with greatness.

Our fabulous friends from the Mexico City chapter picked the theme this month. And as is the tradition with these playlists I like to include at least few songs from the the nominating city. Well this month we hit the jackpot, Mexico City is a creative mecca for art, design, film, and definitely music. I probably could have composed the playlist of bands entirely from Mexico City, but I limited it to 10. I wanted to include some classics like rock pioneers, Los Locos Del Ritmo and my favorites Los Dug Dugs. Also included is the urban troubadour and rock prophet Rodrigo “Rockdrigo” Gonzalez. I also added a number of contemporary artists reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of creative artistry currently thriving in the Mexican capitol including the Fugazi-esque El Shirota, the vaporwave tinged sound of Edgar Modragón, Hawaiian Gremlins would fit right in with Bauhaus and The Cure and Wet Baes brings us back to that 80’s synth groove, hand claps and bass slides abound. I’m so intrigued that I’m already planning a musical pilgrimage to the Mexican capitol. ¡Viva México City!

The theme this month is flow and these songs will keep you movin’. From eccentricities of the late great Daniel Johnston to southern bounce of Earthgang to sultry saunter of Mazzy Star and on to the emotionally charged Perfume Genius concluding with the masters of 80’s FM radio, The Cars, this playlist flows through artists, genres, and eras so effortlessly, you could just float away in musical bliss…

Well that’s probably enough from me. Thanks for listening and If you enjoy these playlists, follow me on Spotify and give me a holler on Twitter, I would love to hear from you.

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