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Design Some Good

Last month, the CreativeMornings community put in some work to help their neighbors and improve their communities. While we firmly believe in face-to-face connections, we also know that not having a website can present real challenges for the work you passionately pursue. Add on a lack of resources—whether time, know-how, or money—and the challenges become even tougher. But what if someone could help?

So, with the generous support of Squarespace, we encouraged the global CreativeMornings community to ease the workload of a deserving person or project by designing a simple, one-page website for someone who needs it most. The results made our hearts burst.

From a local musician in Cardiff to a grassroots community activation in upstate New York to refugee support in Denver and a new neighborhood coffee joint in Mexico City, community members put together gorgeous Cover Pages for individuals putting in the tough work, the real work, the good and honest work, the important work.

You can view all featured Cover Pages, and their back stories, on, but we’ve shared a few highlights below:

SummaryPages From left to right, top to bottom: Always Be Creating, by Tra To; Dr Rob Smith, by CreativeMornings/Cardiff; The Future of Farming, by CreativeMornings; Project Worthmore, by Eric Starling; How to Draw a Person, by Tina Roth Eisenberg; Zucchero, by Diego Navarro

We hope this project continues to inspire you to pay it forward in your communities. If you love this project, share your gratitude with Squarespace and high-five the wonderful change-makers and do-gooders in your community.

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