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December is Sound

To our highly creative brains, a sound is never a sound. These vibrations that pervade our lives contain layers of meaning—a range of questions, intentions, and purposes.

Even the absence of sound contains a world of uncertainty and curiosities, sometimes peace.

The theme was chosen by our Dublin chapter, presented globally by Wix, and illustrated by Derry Dillon.

Some upcoming talks on #CMsound:

  • Valeria Vergara has been listening to the sound of whales for years. Her ground-breaking doctorate research at the University of British Columbia was the first to document how beluga calves develop their rich repertoire of vocalizations. (Vancouver)

  • Pete Sneekes is a maker, director, creative and innovator. He works at Mirabeau as creative and helps clients to dare more and innovate their business and our lives with all things digital. (Utrecht)

  • Claire Plumb is co-founder of Little Mission Studio. She brings an infectious love of music and singing to everyone she teaches. She received her BM in Opera Performance at The Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University, where she studied in the studios of Harolyn Blackwell and Ah Hong. (San Fransisco)

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