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December's Theme is Make

This December, we’re excited to announce our theme of “Make.” The theme was chosen by our organizer Sam Aquillano and the Boston team and the video illustration was crafted by the beyond talented MacPremo & Bas Berkhout.

From writers to illustrators, programmers to designers, sculptors to architects—our community is made up of a myriad of creative types making interesting things every day. From Atlanta to Bangalore, this month promises to highlight those who make and why they do it.

2013-12-Make-HiRes A still from the video illustration from this month, watch the full video here.

You can check out the making of our video illustration, aka the Making of Make over on Ismaël Lotz’s Vimeo page here.

At our Los Angeles event, Bri Emery, founder of DesignLoveFest and Blogshop will be speaking and, in Chicago, the women behind INDO will be talking about how they turn trash into art installations and window displays. Montréal will be featuring Sylvain Carle, one of the platform relations managers at Twitter, and Miami will be teaming up with Art Basel to welcome Denise R. Jacobs to speak on how not doing is the key to creativity.

In both Lima and New York, the mic will be turned to the audience, inviting attendees to take the stage. Vancouver will be inviting one of their own volunteers, artist Rachael Ashe to speak on her work.

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.
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Makers gonna make.

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