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CreativeMornings/NewYork with Coffeetographer Chérmelle Edwards

Editors Note: We first met Chérmelle Edwards when she began showing up to photograph CreativeMornings/NewYork last year. With a passion for coffee culture and flair for style, she was unmissable as she shot photos of attendees for her blog, The Coffeetographer.

She has since been to Los Angeles and back, documenting coffee-goers and leaving a mass of new friends and Instagram followers in her wake. For this post, we invited Chérmelle to our July talk to share her experience.

On a creative morning in New York…

Heritage, It’s who you are, it’s what’s passed down. We grew up in New York, if we grew up in Ohio, we wouldn’t be here.

— Street Etiquette, July’s speakers’ of honor

New York was one in 87 creative cities talking about Heritage this July when, on a sunny Friday, the originating chapter of CreativeMornings christened the doors at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) with morning lecturers Street Etiquette—Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi.

Street Etiquette and their entourage [Travis and Joshua, center].

Gumbs and Kissi spoke to a sold out crowd in a theater on the upper levels of one of Brooklyn’s oldest cultural institution, BAM. While doing so, they shared their everyday journey growing up from home to bodega to getting on buses to walking down Bronx blocks, as eventual influences for their “new” heritage.

Street Etiquette—their namesake brand-became a way to tell a different story of a black man growing up in New York,

We knew we had to build a community.

With friends like Ouigi of Brooklyn Circus, renaissance man Melo X, photographer Andre D. Wagner–who were also in attendance–and the uber-artful gents Art Comes First–with friends and fellow etiquette aficionados they are traveling the world curating a global village, yes, creating a “new heritage through style and lifestyle.“

reggie One of the morning’s attendees, Reggie Black, from Washington, DC.

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Attendees, like Street Etiquette, wore lots of solids and prints and many shared stories because "where there is coffee, there is style.”

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Follow along for some more stories at the intersection of coffee and culture over on the Coffeetographer’s Blog here.

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