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August's theme is Failure

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again—and then get up on a stage in front of 50+ people and talk about it. That’s what’s happening at CreativeMornings chapters around the world this month as we talk about this Augusts’s theme of “Failure.”

This month’s theme might be Failure, but it should be anything but a flop. This month is all about those epic flunks and graceless tumbles. The theme was chosen by our Singapore team and we were excited to have photographer Bill Wadman depict it in his conceptual narrative style.

Speakers will talk to their own vulnerabilities, nonsuccesses, and fizzles, but—most importantly—the aftermath, how they dusted themselves back off, learned from their mistakes, and went on to create something greater than what they ever could have imagined. Or not.

A shortlist of this month’s smashing lineup:

  • Marc Hemeon, Design at Google, previously founder of YayNay, which was shut down due to child pornography (Los Angeles)
  • Leticia Gasca, Co-founder and Director of F*ckUp nights (Mexico City)
  • Ruth Kelly, President and Publisher at Alberta Venture Magazine (Edmonton)
  • Ben Pieratt, Brand & Product designer, previously CEO of Svpply (New York)
  • Pete Brook, of Prison Photography on the failure of the prison system (Portland)

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk. To make sure your August is a massive success, find an event near you.

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