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August is Action

The CreativeMornings community is all about doing. Making, learning, loving, innovating, creating, sharing, living — each its own form of action. Action manifests itself in practices like urban planning, interactive design, filmmaking, choreography, and on the list goes, ever inspiring us to get up and do something. This month, in 120 cities (yes, you read that right; we’re now in 120 cities!) around the globe, we’ll be celebrating what it means to interact with our communities and to take action.

The theme is presented in partnership with FreshBooks, our new global partner. Learn more about our story; they’ve been family since the beginning. The theme was chosen by our Bogotá chapter and illustrated by the amazingly talented Jose Berrio, who also hails from Bogotá.

A few speakers this month include:

  • Abby Hoeschler, a log rolling competitor and coach (Minneapolis)
  • Per-Anders & Lotta Jörgensen, a husband and wife team taking food magazines to new heights (Malmö)
  • Pablo Bahamonde, one of the creators of the art & design magazine JOIA Magazine (Santiago)
  • Kevin Carroll, an advocate for the power of sport and play in life and business (Portland)
  • Bojan Vuletic, a composer, producer, lyricist and guitarist (Düsseldorf)

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Be sure follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMaction and @creativemorning!

FreshBooks believes that creative minds can change the world and is honoured (yah, that’s how we spell it in Canada) to support CreativeMornings and all its members around the globe. You didn’t start your business to learn more about accounting, and FreshBooks gets that. Create professional-looking invoices in mere seconds, track your time and expenses right from your phone, and get back to the work you love.

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