Next Friday we will be listening to Ahmed Knowmadic Ali’s connection to this month’s theme: INTENTION. As a professional speaker, writer and activist, Ahmed has a lot of inspirational nuggets to share with us during our breakfast lecture. 

We are happy to have the people at DevFacto give us their community space to hold the event, complete with river valley views for a (hopeful) sunny morning.

CreativeMornings Edmonton has been the result of the community’s generosity to share stories, ideas, resources, space, media and the like. For the past year, Alberta Podcast Network has partnered with CM to make these events inspirational and delicious (got to love that breakfast spread). We are a community of story-tellers and eager listeners, and apparently, morning people! 

We know there is something unique about Edmonton because we keep finding reasons to celebrate our city through it’s inhabitants, businesses and venues. CreativeMornings Edmonton welcomes new partnerships to strengthen our series and the community it serves. We hope to inspire new connections in an accessible manner: everyone is welcome.

See you on July 27 at DevFacto in Scotia Place, doors at 8:30 AM. 

*Tickets are released on July 23 at 9:00 AM!