If you look closely, you can see the intention behind the action, a project, or a sassy tweet. 

Intention is palpable. A hand-written thank you resonates in our hearts more strongly than an email. One person standing for something pales in comparison to a community fighting for something. Beautiful work is not on accident. Beauty grows from the seed of a clear intention. How do we get better at setting clear intentions?The same way we improve at anything: with practice, self-awareness, feedback from friends, and learning how to show up more wholeheartedly.

This month’s talk is lead by Leo Jung is creative director for the acclaimed live series Pop-Up Magazine and The California Sunday Magazine, join us this July 27th at AKQA.This month’s global exploration of Intention was chosen by our Nashville chapter, and illustrated by Nik Daum. Thank you to MailChimp, Adobe, and WordPress.comfor supporting our global creative community. ❤️