We’re bringing back the FieldTrips series after 9 months of pilot events in 2016! We had wide range of activities like surfing, bicycle workshops, art walks, ceramics factory tour, ice cream flavor making hosted by Smitten, Heath Ceramics, DIY org, Mission Bicycle, Facebook Artist Residence Program, and many more. (related article)

While the FieldTrips was initially launched as a solution to support hundreds of monthly waitlisted guests, we saw unique beauty and energy in this format that is intimate and hands-on. We witnessed people opening up and connecting with others on a level we hadn’t seen before. They enjoyed getting out of their offices, walking around and getting their hands dirty.

Now we re-launch the program with a mission to promote holistic creative living through activities that open up our minds and bodies. We will bring a wide range of creative events that bring energy to our bodies, calmness that help our creativity flow and sometimes discomfort to challenge our perceptions.

Can’t remember the last time you had an arts + craft class, quiet writing time, or creative projects without a deadline or pressure? First, you’re not alone. Second, you can start now with CM FieldTrips. Sign up for our Newsletter and get all the updates for our upcoming June event.