We do our best to give you great talks, inspiring spaces, and tasty coffee every month, but the best part of CreativeMornings is the people. So we’re showcasing a few of the faces of CMSF, and you could be next!


What’s your day job?

I’m a Product Manager and Entrepreneur. Previously, a co-Founder of a marketing tech startup.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Eggs Benedict, for sure! :)

Where’s a place you’d stop on a free afternoon in the city?

SFMoMa, I think.

What’s one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

Human kindness.

Share with us something you thought you couldn’t do- but then you did it!

A bit more than 6 years ago I moved from Europe to the USA. I never thought I could. I’ve never been to the USA before. And I’ve never lived farther than 5 miles from the rest of my family. And here I am, 6000 miles away, 6 years later - feeling at the right place, surprisingly :)

Where can people find out more about you (Twitter, Instagram, or website)?