This month’s poster designer is Maura Broderson, a designer through the AmeriCorps VISTA program at Second Helpings. Get to know Maura as we ask her a few questions! - Photo by Fred Miller

  • What do you do during the week?
    Right now, I’m fortunate enough to be completing a year of service with AmeriCorps VISTA at Second Helpings, getting to use my design skills to ensure everyone in our community has access to good, nutritious food. After work, I’m either lazing around with a good book, or exploring the city. I’m new in town so there’s still much ground to be covered.
  • What’s your go-to breakfast place in Indy?
    My home, of course. My roommates and I host a casual, open-invite pancake breakfast every Saturday. No better way to start the morning than sharing coffee and ‘cakes around the table with friends, new and old. Hit me up, Creative Mornings people, you’re all welcome!
  • What’s your favorite CreativeMornings talk (Indy, or beyond) so far?
    I have to shout-out my home state of Kentucky, and specifically my old friend Harry Pickens. Please do yourself a favor and listen to his CreativeMornings/LOU talk on the intersection of compassion and creativity. This man has so much love for the world, just listening to him speak is like giving your soul a hug. Oh, and he’s also an internationally renown jazz musician who plays an original piece for the talk. Casual.
  • Tell us about your process in designing this month’s poster. Would you say it’s within your typical style, or did you try something new?
    This is going to sound so lame, but I really try to not have a style. I’m more in the world of advertising than illustration or design, so I need to be able to slip into the visual style of any brand I work with. For this poster, I kept coming back to this image of an old, tough-guy, but instead of something bada** tattooed on his bicep, it says something sweet and endearing like “Commitment!”
  • If money wasn’t an issue, what’s a creative project you’d like to pursue?
    I have this strange obsession with free public places…think parks, libraries, and especially highway rest stops. They can be run-down and gritty, but there’s so much beauty in how they equalize and converge us. I’d like to travel the country documenting stories and images of these spaces and the people passing through them.

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