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Call for 2018 Partners 🎉

We’re looking for partners to support CreativeMornings/New York in 2018.

CreativeMornings/New York is the founding chapter of CreativeMornings. It all started 9.5 years ago when Tina Roth Eisenberg invited the creative community of New York City to join her in her co-working space for coffee and breakfast, once a month. She wanted an easy way for the creative community in New York to come together, on a regular basis. Since then, CreativeMornings has evolved into a global breakfast lecture series for the creative community in over 180 cities and 66 countries.

Just like our chapters, CreativeMornings/New York happens once a month on a Friday morning. Our events are free of charge, and always will be thanks to the generous support of our partners, who provide financial support and contributions in the form of coffee, breakfast, event space and fun things like photo booths.

We partner with companies who believe in the magic of CreativeMornings. Companies who give a damn. ❤️

2018 Partnership Opportunities

2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of CreativeMornings and we have some exciting events planned! We’re looking for partners who are excited to come onboard and support our mission of bringing the creative community together, for effecting positive change in our communities and keeping our events accessible.

We have three partnership opportunities available this year:

1. CreativeMornings/New York Talks:

Our monthly morning event hosted at a location in New York City for upwards of 300 people per event. Our events usually sell out in under five minutes and often have waitlists several hundred long. Get to know New York City’s creative community on the ground by becoming a local partner.

2. 10th Anniversary Festivities: 2018 Organizers Summit
28 - 31 August, 2018 | Rock Hill, New York

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we’re hosting 350 organizers from our global community at “Summit Camp” in Upstate New York for a three day extravaganza of learning, celebrating and making friends. Meet creative leaders and instigators from our 180+ chapters around the world.

3. 10th Anniversary Festivities: Party
10 October 2018 | Brooklyn, New York

We’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary in October with an intimate evening event. We’ll be hosting past speakers, friends of CreativeMornings and supporters from the beginning. There will be a dance floor!

For each event, we’re looking for partners interested in providing financial support, as well as in-kind donations (for example, coffee, tea, beverages, event space, snacks, swag, pool toys, hammocks, bean bags, decorations, and more).

Partnership Perks (Varies By Partnership Type)

Our partners are welcomed into the CreativeMornings family with a range of benefits depending on the partnership level. Some benefits include:

  • Bespoke brand activations.
  • Naming rights to certain areas or activities.
  • In person shout outs.
  • Prominent digital presence across our newsletters and social channels.
  • Product placement.
  • Tickets to our events.
  • Unlimited hugs and high fives.

Interested? Get in touch.

👋 Say hello

Contact Katherine McDonald, Partnerships Manager at CreativeMornings.

We’re excited to hear from you!

Please feel free to share and forward this post if you know someone who would like to support CreativeMornings.