Brad Cloepfil - CreativeMornings Portland - July 2013

Here at CreativeMornings/Portland, the people who attend our talks are just as interesting as the people who grace the stage. Since the CreativeMornings website now highlights all the wonderful folks that make up the global community, we figured we'd do our part to celebrate Portland. We're turning a lens on the people here with a monthly interview series highlighting someone from our audience!

To participate, just attend one of our talks and tweet anything of interest, whether it be a favorite quote or an attention-grabbing slide. Remember to use the hashtag, #cmpdx! Afterwards, we’ll comb through the online conversation, and a panel of highly biased judges will pick a top tweet and schedule a phototshoot and an interview. We’re excited to keep the creative energy flowing between each month’s talk by shining the spotlight on our community.

Image courtesy of Scott Larsen