Photo: Bartek Karas

For April’s theme of GAME, who better to join the CM/Chicago community than Devin Breen, founder of CHIditarod– a “1,000 person costumed shopping cart race and mobile food drive”?

  • We can’t wait to hear from him, so we reached out a little early with a few questions to help you get to know him better! Enjoy our Q&A with Devin below, and see you soon!

  • List three words that begin with the letter G to describe yourself/your personality.
  • Go!
  • What was one surprising thing you learned from the first CHIditarod you put on?
  • Police officers are fond of patches.
  • I love that you and your wife Liz built a toolkit to help other cities establish their own versions of CHIditarod. What part of the event feels distinctly Chicago to you?
  • The bribery, of course.  Jokes aside, Chicago created the philanthropic aspect.  The food drive, the fundraising, the grants, making an impact beyond the celebration.
  • What are the top three places you find inspiration?
  • Being in motion on my bike
  • Black Rock City
  • Mountains