Andrea Horan is a powerhouse. She’s the CEO of Tropical Popical, and founder of The Hunreal Issues, and our speaker for #CMGame

The Hunreal Issues came about after the 2015 referendum when Andrea wanted to engage women in politics in a way that appealed to her and her friends. She wanted to engage and educate them in a fun way, and The Hunreal Issues is perhaps most famous for Maser’s Repeal the 8th mural on the wall of the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar.

So, Specky Scribbler spoke with Andrea to ask her about the power of art in politics, and how the creative scene in Dublin helps promote human rights.

Given that the past 2 weeks saw the both the reemergence and removal of Maser’s mural, it seemed fitting to ask Andrea what she thought that meant for the repeal movement.

‘I think it’s a positive thing. The amount of media that were present at the removal was huge. We had TV channels, newspaper journalists, loads of people recording for social media. There’s so much coverage had now, that it’s bringing awareness to it.’

For Andrea, art was a really powerful platform for political engagement,

‘Art provides a platform for people who don’t have a voice. Everyone engages in a different way, and some people engage with art. For others, art is an extra platform, a platform that’s visual. Art is playing a key role in getting the message out there - more people are buying and wearing t-shirts, they’re mobilised and galvanised, all because of art - a mural on a wall.’

For Andrea, she only has one game in mind: spending the next 4.5 weeks to get the issue of women’s rights in people’s minds and pushing for the repeal of the 8th amendment.