Our interview with April GAME speaker, Nick Mirabello of UROCK Marketing & MassPay.

Tell us one thing about the CreativeMornings #cmGAME in your life?

Although, it’s easier to coach others than myself, there is a fun game one can play when preparing to wake early. The night before when setting the alarm, for instance a 5:30am wake up – don’t just set the alarm for 5:30 because that would be boring instead set it for 5:31, when it goes off in the morning, wake up and say to yourself, “five-thirty-one, let’s have some fun!”  Set a time make a rhyme! It truly can start your day in a refreshing way. Instantly shifts the mind and trains your brain to think positive thoughts when you hear that early alarm. Also, my morning routine is a gratitude game. 

I try to play a game every time I wake up in the morning – to have a better day than I did the day before. 

Naming things in my mind or writing them down in my gratitude journal of things I am grateful for, every morning I read a positive quote, and I think how can I put that message into play today?

Where do you find your inspiration as a creative person?

Mostly interactions with other people, other energy. I have always had the desire to inspire, maximize people’s potential. 

That is the beautiful thing about life. All of us are different; we all have different beliefs, different backgrounds, and different values. 

I try to find the most positive things in people and bring that out. I get inspiration from that. Surrounding myself with people, places, and things I love. That really drives my inspiration. Motivational videos, podcasts, quotes that inspire me and challenge myself to be creative to find where the silver lining is or how to pinpoint optimism when adversity strikes.  

Anything new and exciting in your field?

I have two fields, an entrepreneur field and the company I work for, MassPay where I leave it on the field. The newest endeavor is our wellness division that I have the opportunity to create and lead. Not only internally for our team of 47 employees but also for our clients, we want to provide and offer a wellness division to them. Another is, the ever-growing field of technology – at MassPay we are looking at how we cannot combat it but rather embrace it. 

How can technology and humans get along better together in this next decade and beyond?

If you could open a door to anywhere- past, present, or future where and why?

I used to always gravitate towards the future. I sometimes would want to rush to get there. 

I have realized I need to be more grateful and more present in the present moment. 

It’s also fun to look at the past because you learn from it. The door I will open will be June 2019 when my niece, Destiny will be graduating high school. When she walks across that stage, is handed her diploma, and heads off to college. I think that will be a very special moment for me and my family on many levels. As an uncle to see the joy and emotion from my sister who is amazing, who works extremely hard, and to see Destiny graduate will be so gratifying knowing she will embark on an incredible path for herself. For our youth is our future and I’m excited to see where and how they can shape our next decades.

Any advice to anyone starting out in your field?

Write down your plan, if you write it down it becomes reality. 

Believe in yourself, believe you can do it. Have that mental toughness to block out any negativity. Never give up. Know that any road block or detour you come across is just reminder of how bad you want something. That you may need to recalculate but you will still get to where you want to go. It’s that bow and arrow effect…sometimes we have to pull back to launch forward!

What speaker would you like to see at PKX?

On a local level: Jessica Todd - she has inspired so many people. Herself, her team, her guests, her brand, her story, all of it is compelling and empowering.

On a global level: Simon Sinek, he is all about Starting With Why. He inspires people to do the things that inspire them. Sinek & his team believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together. He gives keynotes, facilitates workshops and develops software that inspires individuals and organizations to live their Why.

Interview by Raya Al-Hashmi for CreativeMorningsPKX. Photographs by Kate&Keith.