April may have the weather temperament of a toddler, but we’re still giving you reasons to get out of your house/office and into some beloved community spaces to share some breakfast and get creatively inspired.

This month we are exploring the theme GAME, chosen by our Belgium chapter friends in Liège. Our team started brainstorming the perfect person to talk about GAME, and we ended up contacting the trio who run Secret Meat Club and the much anticipated Meuwly’s.

Glendon Tan, Peter Keith and Will Kotowicz started their meat subscription service in 2016 and have garnered an extensive waiting list of hungry Edmontonians waiting to get a taste of their high-quality local product. They for-see opening their full scale market operation, Meuwlys, in the summer of 2018: we got to preview the space, and all we can say is “WOW.” We’re already talking about making a CreativeMornings field trip to Meuwly’s after they open to get a feast for the eyes and mouth!

Join us this Friday morning at Latitude 53 to hear what the trio found to be the successful elements that made their dreams become a reality within Edmonton, and how you can take away valuable lessons on what it means to create community, create conversations and learn from feedback.