Asked to define March’s theme, COURAGE, in one sentence or less, March speaker Lauren M. Pacheco said, courageousness doesn’t act alone - it works in tandem with other critical characteristics such as risk-taking, ingenuity, anger and frustration, in addition to those people and places that encourage us to act with courage.”

On how courage plays into her own work, she added, “courage has exposed my insecurities in a way that has clearly motivated me to want to do better for my community and my career; it’s been a welcomed friend and critic.”

Just for fun, we asked Lauren for one fact that’s not in her official bio. Her answer? “I’m the proud parent of two pitbulls.”

Thanks to all who joined us at Schawk! for #CMCourage. Enjoy some highlights attendees shared from the event below, and see you soon for our global exploration of GAME!


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