#CMEdi Community Minutes - March 2018!

At this month’s event, after a fantastic talk by Roan Lavery of FreeAgent on the theme of #CMCourage, we had two community minutes speakers. In case you missed them, or just need a little reminder of the details, here’s a quick recap!

1/ The Edinburgh Tool Library - Job Opportunity!

Edinburgh Tool Library is the UK’s first tool library, promoting sharing as a way of reducing our environmental impact. Lending members tools for DIY, gardening, decorating and machine repair, so that they don’t need to own them, not only does this collaborative approach make sense environmentally, it also helps members financially!

This month, they were awarded Climate Challenge Fund money by Keep Scotland Beautiful, to continue expanding the Edinburgh Tool Library and bringing tools and great workshops to more communities across Edinburgh. To support the expansion of these projects, they’re now looking for a Project Manager to join the team!

If this sounds like the initiative, project, team, and role of your dreams (or a friend’s!), get in touch with the Edinburgh Tool Library team for more information  - contact details available here!  

2/ Tribe Women Enterprise School

Tribe Women is a nurturing community of enterprising women, challenging the culture of business to the benefit of society as a whole.

Tribe Women is a pilot, supported by the Scottish Government and the RBS Skills and Opportunities fund. Participants will join a network of like-minded women and take part in a series of workshops and events designed to develop the skills, tools and mindsets needed for personal and professional fulfilment and success.

Who is it for?

Tribe Women is founded on the core values of ambition, self-awareness, positivity, collaboration and connection, vulnerability, bravery and authenticity. If you share these values, want to start or grow a business, and want the support of a strong and inspiring network of other women, then Tribe Women is for you.

Please don’t forget the online application deadline is the 27th March.

Follow Tribe Women on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates!

Are you working on a side project, looking for collaborators or want to get the word out? Are you looking to hire somebody for a creative position? Are you looking for creative work? Community minutes are for you!

Interested? Email us a slide for what you want to pitch to our wonderful attendees at the end of the event. You’ll get one minute and a Keynote slide (widescreen) of your design. We can only have a few people speaking per event so if you have something to share get in touch sharpish at edinburgh@creativemornings.com or our Facebook Page.