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What’s your day job?
Currently, I run a small-but-mighty team of digital communicators at a nonprofit organization.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?
Cheese, lox, tomato, and red onion on the obligatory cinnamon raisin NY bagel. But the Dungeness crab eggs benedict with fresh popovers at Cliff House are a close second.

Where’s a place you’d stop on a free afternoon in the city?
I tend to wander by foot on the randomly rare free afternoons I have, winding up at second-hand shops and first-rate bakeries. I especially like ReLove on Polk and Mr. Holmes on Larkin, respectively, but I don’t get to either as often as I’d like.

What’s one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?
I’m under orders to slip more color into my visual diet—which most friends would likely be surprised to hear. Despite my usual intake, I’ve still been deficient. And since I’m about to relocate to a winter-bound city, weeding out darks and neutrals—mostly from my wardrobe—has become mission critical. But I also continue to ignore the spread-out, foot-wide strips of Mexican-style floral-printed vinyl that I’m about to sew together to make a tablecloth. They’re currently all over my wooden floor. When you can easily ingest eyefuls of bold, beauteous pigment, it can easily spark new and creative ideas, just via accessibility, whether or not that project comes together right away…

What’s on your bucket list?
My father-in-law is slated to start hospice soon, and in light of an upcoming move to Cincinnati (hello CIN CMers!), this is doubly relevant. I’ve always had a lengthy bucket list, but for now, paring down my household belongings to 257 sq. ft. to fit in a U-Box is the current line item. I have two sewing machines, including an industrial one, and I’ve always kept and collected a lot of craft-worthy materials, so we’ll see how the paring down goes. Minimalism to me feels like nudity; I’m an accessories queen.

Where can people find out more about you (Twitter, Instagram, or website)?
Find @metropaislitan or write metropolitanpaisley@gmail.com ‘cause hearing from humans is cool.