When we hear ​the word “courage​“,​ we may think of superheroes, warriors, humanitarians, great leaders, soldiers, police, firefighters—​people who are quick to act when life is truly on the line, or where the stakes ​between​ wrong and right are ​highest.

But courage​ is more than that. Courage is something we all harness daily simply because we are human beings. We are each faced with our own medley of​ ​challenges, goals, uncertainties, hopes and dreams, resources, real and perceived limitations, skills, and priorities. Courage ​can help us fuel our ​drive to accomplish the improbable and the significant, even when we don’t have it all figured out.

We take leaps of courage daily to expand our potential, and we take calculated risks ​to help us build our futures or serve our communities. We ​also ​leverage courage when we invest in ourselves or other people. Courage helps us ​dance with uncertainty, rather than letting the unknown distract us from the dreams of our intuition.  

Courage ​lets us be audacious with our pursuits and our creativity, even when we are smothered in doubt or hesitation. Courage allows those with even the tiniest voice to be heard, and we call on courage when we speak the truth in the face of wild adversity.

Courage calls on our values and our heart​s​, and is at the foundation of freedom, creativity, and the human soul.

Perhaps courage is the ultimate tool of those who seek to change and create the world?

Come find out and learn more about courage from designer Margaret Cyphers—Creative Director for Google G Suite and Head of UX for Google Drive—this coming Friday, March 9th, at 8:30am at the Denver Art Mus​eu​m.