This month’s poster designer is the one and only Lee Eisenbarth, Director of Design at ClearScholar! Get to know Lee in our Q&A below! - Photo by Fred Miller

What do you do during the week?
When I’m not scarfing down drunken noodles at Thai Paradise, or sipping on a rise and shine at Pearings — I am probably at ClearScholar working on screens for a new product feature for our student engagement platform.

What’s your go-to breakfast place in Indy?
I have too many favorites — but recently, I’ve been favoring the Crab Benedict at Garden Table.Tell us about your process in designing this month’s poster. Would you say it’s within your typical style, or did you try something new?
I feel curiosity and playfulness go hand in hand. When I initially started thinking through concepts for this month’s poster, I kept coming back to the idea of the letterforms turning into a character of some sort. I really liked the idea of the “o” becoming an eye, and so after several iterations, this is where we landed. This illustrative style was a stretch for me — it was definitely fun to play around in this realm.

If money wasn’t an issue, what’s a creative project you’d like to pursue?
I’m a big space nerd and would jump at the opportunity to work on a large branding system for SpaceX. Elon, want to go to Pearings?

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