photo by Joe Kirschling


Todd Umhoefer is a multi-media artist, songwriter, and composer. The musician behind the experimental folk project Old Earth, Todd is an ardent traveler with tours throughout the US and Europe. He has produced and performed dozens of solo albums and EP’s (alongside two film scores) to critical acclaim and collaborated with numerous regional musicians. Below we caught up with Todd to get to know him better.

What do you typically eat for breakfast?

I’m normally asleep during breakfast time and don’t have much of a regular eating schedule. A bowl of cereal is pretty great any time though!

What do people know you for?

Probably foremost as being a musician and the person behind Old Earth, but hopefully more so for trying to be positive and helpful to others.

How is Milwaukee special to you?

It’ll always be where I’m from and where the majority my loved ones live. It’s special because it’s familiar, yet it’s growing in ways that feel new and I’d like to see where it all goes.

There’s a lot of potential here to develop a presence as a creative, but it’s important to ignore the gatekeepers and simply make things because you think they should exist. It’s a small enough place that you will eventually find allies.

What may people not know about you?

That sometimes I’m not very positive or helpful — but we can all learn from each other. Also I lived in Sonoma, California for some time.

What drives your creativity?

Compulsion and a sense of legacy. 

What are you going to talk to us about in your talk on “Curiosity”?

What curiosity is and isn’t and how it’s influenced me and my creative process. I also will share some of the rewards and challenges of a lifestyle composing experimental music. I’m excited to hear what other people are curious about and how many of their ideas they test too.

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