Can curiosity change the world? Can it help us to be more creative? How does curiosity propel us? Why is curiosity so fundamental to the human experience? February’s global CreativeMornings theme implicitly and explicitly asks these questions and eludes to some of our best collective answers and anecdotes surrounding the value and power of curiosity.

As humans, we have had a strong desire to learn and gather knowledge since it all began! It seems to be in our blood to synthesize our experiences, and skills and passions, and knowledge, and even our inherent human needs, and then ask deep meaningful questions that expand our potential, our understanding, and help us to address important challenges and objectives. We do this individually and collective in all sorts of ways. This affects culture, business, politics, and our very experience as humans.  Our ability to ask, both reactively and proactively, big questions has equipped us to test perceived limits, perceived systems and rules, to expand or deepen our lives and our contributions, to enlighten us spiritually, economically, and politically, to build incredible infrastructure and societies, and to connect and bond with other humans and the world around us.  

We’re just wondering, how does curiosity show up in your world? In your work? In your life?

Join CreativeMornings/Denver on February 6th at RedLine Contemporary Art Center and hear from Derek Friday about how curiosity relates to his personal life and his profession as an Environmental Designer.