We do our best to give you great talks, inspiring spaces, and tasty coffee every month, but the best part of CreativeMornings is the people. So we’re showcasing a few of the faces of CMSF, and you could be next!



What’s your day job?

Presently, I’m a multi-hat wearing Freelancer… i.e. offering creative direction for a high tech client’s collateral, CD package design for a indie musician, signage illustration for a farm to table restaurant, and multi-cam videography and editing for a SF startup’s full day conference.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

An omelette with a side of warm scones and some robust coffee… black please. Toss in some home fries…. hold the chicken sausages for another day!

Where’s a place you’d stop on a free afternoon in the city?

Too many… a relaxed stroll through the latest offerings at the Legion of Honor… follow up with some sticky goodness—Cinnamon Currant bread (with walnuts) from Acme Bakery in the Ferry Building. Eat in moderation!

What’s one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

Following the inspirational presentation by Amy M. Ho last month, I’ve begun reading “Rethinking Incarceration” by Dominique DuBois Gillard.

In the spirit of last month’s theme, Context, share with us an anecdote of your first time at CM/SF.

Enjoyed the chilled morning walk from Embarcadero BART to IDEO for Shoshana Berger’s presentation… got there early and waited about 15 min for the doors to open… brrrr. I’m spoiled attending OaktownCM gatherings where I can usually park a short block away!

Where can people find out more about you (Twitter, Instagram, or website)?

A few samples of what I’ve been up to: https://kcriss.myportfolio.com/