Specky Scribbler wants to introduce you to: Fiona Ni Bhroin, our valued member. 

Fiona Ni Bhroin was our live illustrator for a number of the CreativeMornings/Dublin events.

Fiona runs FioFioDesigns as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She’s always been a creative person: drawing, painting, designing, writing stories, recording music, taking photos, baking, sewing. Pretty much everything that has to do with making something.

Fiona is, once again a member of The Tara Building, and she wanted to try out live illustration or graphic recording. However, she did find that she preferred to take her time and so the illustrations were only finished the next week.

This because Fiona believes in the ‘do what you love’ idea and it allows her to jump from project to project, because she loves them all, and doesn’t like to define what it is that she does.

Fiona loves the events and also loves the sense of community and meeting other like minded people. Her creativity has grown since becoming involved in the community.

Her favourite speaker? Caroline Foran’s take on #CMGenius, when she outlined her life with anxiety.